• Timber Framing
  • Timber Cladding
  • Structural deck and pergola timber
  • Underfloor applications
  • Roof space ember attack applications
  • Fences
  • Power poles
  • External timber
  • Windows
  • Any timber application where bushfire resistant timber is required



  • Self-priming
  • Exterior rated
  • Flexible
  • Non flammable intumescent coating
  • Expands under heat to provide an insulation layer
  • Provides oxygen starvation to substrate
  • Water based Low VOC coating
  • Can be top coated
  • Simple application process
  • Tested to Australian Standards


Confirm with your certifying body prior to application that the F1E system is suitable to meet the fire rating requirements on your project.


For a full list of assessed timbers contact Fireproof Paints and Coatings for more information.
Accelerated weathering reports and assessments to ASTM D 2898 (Method B) as required in AS3959.
All test reports, certificates and assessments are available on request.
Confirm with your certifying body that the FIRESHELL F1E system meets your project requirements prior to application.
Always read the Manufacturer’s Specification in full prior to application. Contact Fireproof Paints and Coatingswith any questions.
Bushfire-resisting timber is timber that is deemed to be acceptable to withstand exposure up to a BAL—29 condition. to first Rating box in table.

The F1E system was developed to allow a simple application process by brush roll or airless spray. It is important that the required thickness is achieved. Where it is not viable to have a qualified tradesman apply the coating you must consult with your certifying body to ensure they are satisfied with you applying the coating.

Detailed application guidelines are contained in the Manufacturer’s Specification and a Wet Film Thickness Gauge (tool that allows to easily gauge the thickness of the coating as you apply it) is included with each shipment.

Before using the product, Exfire should be contacted to check the suitability of the product for the object in question.


SKU: 0002
Color: Brown

    FIRESHELL® (F1E) is an exterior rated, flexible 1-part, self priming intumescent fire resistant paint for use on a variety of timbers.

    F1E meets the requirements for bushfire-resisting timber specified in AS3959:2009 Construction of Buildings in bushfire-prone area Appendix F. Bushfire-resisting timber is timber that is deemed to be acceptable to withstand exposure up to a BAL—29 condition. And where exterior fire resistant paint applications and bush fire resistant timber are required.

  • Important Advice

    'Fireproof Paints and Coatings' and 'Cecil and Rose' recommend in all instances that building owners and applicators should discuss use of this product with their local council, building inspector, building certifier or any other relevant authorities to ensure it meets fire compliance for your particular building.

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